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Big Society Capital launches new strategy

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Big Society Capital has launched a new strategy that aims to help the social investment market grow by up to £10bn over the next four years.

Its revised strategy will focus on scaling capital across four priority investment markets:

· social and affordable housing

· impact venture

· social lending

· and social outcomes contracts

BSC said it hoped to help double the size of the UK social impact investing market by 2025 and said this should see the market grow to between £10bn and £15bn, up from £5.1bn at the end of 2019.

Announcing the launch on its website, the social investment wholesaler says:

“Social impact investment can make a real difference in improving people’s lives by helping enterprises tackle social challenges such as housing, access to affordable financial products and services, health and wellbeing, and community resilience.

“By bringing in more capital alongside ours, there is real opportunity both to help enterprises scale their impact and to give investors a sustainable financial return.

“Our strategy is to concentrate on what we have learned works and where we believe we can make the biggest difference.”


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