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What we do


The Oversight Trust – Assets for the Common Good (“the Oversight Trust”) oversees the activities of Big Society Capital, Access - The Foundation for Social Investment ("Access"), Youth Futures Foundation and  Fair4All Finance which are termed "Operating Companies".

The board of each Operating Company is responsible for its own governance, strategy, policies and procedures, day-to-day operations and ensuring that its funds and resources are at all times applied in a manner that is compatible with its obligations. The Oversight Trust does not intervene in the day-to-day operations of the Operating Companies’ activities.

The Oversight Trust is responsible for oversight of the Operating Companies, with the aim of ensuring that they remain true to their objects. In particular, The Oversight Trust is required to:

  •  ensure that the Operating Companies' objects remain appropriate;

  •  ensure that the Operating Companies are well governed;

  •  ensure that the Operating Companies' strategic plans are in accordance with their objects;

  •  review achievement of social impact;

  •  review transparency of financial and impact reporting; and

  •  provide guidance and advice to the Operating Companies, if appropriate and practicable, or as requested.

How do we do this?

We have a number of rights and powers set out in governance agreements that set out the key processes and powers that enable the Oversight Trust to fulfil these responsibilities.

Detail of how we fulfil our specific responsibilities can be found here.

The Oversight Trust Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement, reflecting the company’s role as an oversight body, can be found here.

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