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The Oversight Trust Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Oversight Trust acknowledges the contribution it can make by adopting the EDI Statement detailed below. This statement recognises OT’s structure and functions.


OT recognises that Boards whose directors/trustees have different backgrounds and experience are more likely to encourage debate and make better decisions.

The Oversight Trust:


  • Acknowledges that a lack of diversity is a problem across the sectors in which the OT Group operates and commits to working to change that;

  • Recognises the important role of an organisation’s Board in modelling positive behaviours and taking action;

  • Commits to learning about racial and other forms of bias and how it can impact leadership decisions and structural issues;

  • Commits to promoting social inclusion through the execution of its oversight role and in particular when considering the mission, governance and impact of the operating companies it oversees;

  • Commits to always consider equity, diversity and inclusion implications in the context of recruitment processes; and

  • Recognises the value of relevant lived experience in bringing insights to the Board that can help develop its work, such as by having experience of the social issues the OT Group companies are aiming to address.

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