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Fair4All Finance – Quadrennial Review Published

The Oversight Trust has published its independent Quadrennial Review of Fair4All Finance.

The report details the achievements of Fair4All Finance to date recognising that, given the scale and complexity of the problem being addressed, it is too early to judge fully the impact the organisation can have on the problem of financial exclusion and the development of the market in affordable credit. However, the review panel found that Fair4All Finance can credibly claim to have become a trusted and respected voice in the sector and can point to broad support across Government and mainstream finance for its research and style of influencing institutions. It has also provided support to the community finance sector through a very challenging period.

The report outlines a number of issues for Fair4All Finance to consider under five main headings covering its areas of work.

Read the full review and the letters of response from the Oversight Trust and Fair4All Finance on the Quadrennial Review section of our publications page.

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